Why Eutychus?
Read Acts 20:5-12

To be quite honest, my first choice was "Barnabas", but, alas, that domain name was taken. When I checked, I was a bit surprised that Eutychus was still available (.com, .org., & .net at the time). I chose Eutychus for several reasons. I hoped that his story would be read and that people would think about it. But here are some of my personal thoughts:

Even though the story recorded in the Bible was a serious matter, the initial reaction of most people upon reading it is to smile. I think humor and laughter are gifts of God (even though they can be perverted like most of His other gifts). To some degree, people smile over those events because they can relate to Eutychus' human side. Many have "zoned out" during a sermon Sunday morning after some late Saturday night activity. And since the end of the story finds Eutychus restored to perfect health, it can't be considered morbid to see a bit of humor in the situation.

I have also considered why Eutychus might have fallen to asleep. It was obvious that he sincerely wanted to hear Paul or he would not have come. There was no promise of free pizza afterward. It not only wasn't the popular place to be, it might have carried some danger from those hostile to the message of Christ. It was also apparent that Eutychus was well regarded by fellow believers and it could be reasoned that he was a true believer. And I don't believe that Eutychus was bored by such a man of God as Paul. I imagine that Eutychus arose early each day to put in a hard day's work. Then, I can see Eutychus spending much of his time after work witnessing to others about Jesus, then, studying the scriptures late into the night. Perhaps, his passion for his Savior caused Eutychus to neglect his rest. I think that Eutychus was someone to admire for his zeal for the Lord. As I have heard said - "It is better to burn up for the Lord than to rust out".

Too, I see in Eutychus' story our reliance on other Christians, especially during times of distress, and, ultimately, our dependence on the power of God in our life. When Eutychus was most helpless, Paul acted in faith on his behalf and God restored him. No matter how self-reliant we think we are, no matter how positive we are in our abilities, no matter what our dedication in service to our Lord, we all come to a point in life where we find that our will power, determination, and past works will fail us. There is only one Rock in life who is sufficient for every situation in life - or in death - and that is Jesus.

I see in his story the importance of our meeting with fellow believers. Had Eutychus' passion been gambling, sports, or some other worldly activity, his end would surely have been different. Falling from the upper story at another event might have gained him sympathy, but no remedy. His eternal abode would not have been with Jesus. But because he was gathered with believers listening to the message of God through His minister, he found love, compassion, and restoration. The message he received was one of life. Even if God not spared his life, Eutychus would have experienced the "gain" Paul referred to in his later epistle.

Finally, the name Eutychus means "fortunate". Or, in my words, a recipient of God's Grace. Any talent that I have, any good thing in my life, my salvation, and my hope for eternity are all because of God's unfathomable Grace. I can claim no achievement, no honor, nor anything that has been placed in my stewardship - physical, mental, or spiritual - it is all the result of the undeserved Grace of God.

I hope this explains in part my selecting Eutychus as a domain name.

In His Service,
Victor Caine