Steps for creating a FrontPage Web site

  1. Download and Install Microsoft's Personal Web Server.  It is more robust than the one that comes with FrontPage.  This is entirely optional, but I recommend it.  I use it for the Internet and Intranet sites that I administer.

  2. Purchase FrontPage. Cost: approximately $149 (or LESS).  FrontPage is fairly user-friendly and is fast becoming one of the major players in the web publishing field.  My first copy of FrontPage was a free, full version download from Microsoft with a 120 day trial.  I purchased the full version well before the 120 days.

  3. Outline your web site on paper.  Stick to things you know about and/or are passionate about.  Have at least a rough idea of how you want to present your site.  Also, consider the color schemes that you use.  Excellent Article here.

  4. Choose & Register your domain name.  Most really good single word domain names are gone - or are owned by someone who will want big bucks to sell it to you.  You may have to be creative.  There are now several places you can register from around $10 to $35 a year.  But you have to register for at least two years.  Some examples: ($35 per year - Eutychus' choice), ($13.50 per year), & www.Cheap- DomainRegistration ($8.75 per year).

  5. Find a web hosting site that offers what you want.  Two examples: (free & No Domain name is required - I had a personal site there but took it down after many annoying changes and offensive ads) and  or (Eutychus' choice).  Web hosts go from free (usually with strings attached) to husky e-commerce hosts that may run from hundreds to thousands per month with every price imaginable in between.

  6. Get on e-zine (newsletters) email lists of good Web design information.  These are usually free and are full of useful tips and techniques.  Three that Eutychus uses with information for the novice to the seasoned webmaster:

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