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I was first born in 1952.  I was born again in April, 1967.  (If you only have one birthday and are interested in finding out how to be born again click here.)

Professional Career: After a brief stint at college, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  During my 9 years in the Navy, I was a Sonar Technician, serving aboard a Destroyer Escort and a nuclear powered cruiser.  I was also stationed the Naval Underwater Systems Center in New London CT where I was introduced to state-of-the-art computer systems.

I worked as an on-site technical representative for my first year after the Navy, maintaining a computerized multi-sensor process control system at a paper mill.  That is a long story, but it taught me self-confidence and perseverance under extreme pressure.

Following that, I began work with at Sony Magnetic Products, Inc. of America in Dothan, AL, where I became a Software Engineer - a Visual Basic Programmer, Applications Engineer, Microsoft Access Developer, and the company's first Intranet Webmaster. In 2004 I became the company Webmaster for both Intranet & Internet sites.  Despite not having a Computer Science degree, I was the first source many throughout the plant turned to when they needed PC related assistance, advice, or a software solution.  Having started out as a PC user, I understand the frustration of needing a solution but being stuck in a bureaucratic quagmire.  Having gained the majority of my expertise the hard way, it is one of my joys in life to share that knowledge with those who have other things to do than learn the nuts and bolts of getting the most out of their PC.

After nearly 25 years and following a reduction in force at the Sony plant, I became the Inside Sales Representative for Power Connections, Inc.

Personal Life:  I married my one and only wonderful wife Carol in 1972.  I not only love, but admire Carol.  In her mid 30s, after working at home raising our children, she went back to college and became an LPN.  In 1998, she was recognized as LPN of the year at Flowers Hospital in Dothan. Carol took early retirement after 19 years service. 

God blessed us with two terrific children: a daughter, Carolee, who completed an enlistment in the U.S. Army as an SPC4 (Military Intelligence), and is married to retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Ron Potchebski, and a son, Stephen, a graduate of Auburn University with a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and now employed by Group Publishing in Loveland, CO, who is married to Connie. Grandchildren: David and Leo Caine, born to Stephen & Connie. Ryan was born to Ron & Carolee.

We have been active members of Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Dothan the mid 1980s.  I am a deacon, have played cornet, Flugel Horn, and trumpet in the Ridgecrest orchestra since its beginning in 1991, and was, what I liked to refer to myself as, the original Webservant for our church.

Besides playing in our orchestra, church specials, and weddings, I enjoy gardening and walking.  I feel privileged to walk in the various events around town, raising over $300 in 1999 and several thousand dollars since.  I would be walking anyway, so I think it is great that I can help worthwhile organizations while doing so.  Some of the walk events that I have participated in:

  • Sav-A-Life
  • March of Dimes
  • American Heart Association
  • American Cancer Association
  • Alzheimer's Association

Henry Victor Caine, Jr.
Eutychus Web Assistant

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