1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

In 1974 I was assigned to the pre-commissioning unit for the USS South Carolina (CGN37). During those months before the ship was completed, the duty was both exciting and interesting.  There was a lot of latitude for accomplishing assignments and the atmosphere was pretty relaxed.

When the ship was commissioned in January 1975, The Gideons gave each crew member a New Testament Bible.  I carried that Bible every day in my uniform pocket for the four years I was stationed there.  Shortly after receiving the Bible, I placed an embossing label on it that read "Jesus Cares".

As time passed, the routine aboard the South Carolina became more structured, with less freedom.  New officers, used to a strict military organization, began to replace the original ones.  Many times I became frustrated or angry with my lack of influence with decisions of my superiors.  But those two words "Jesus Cares" caught my attention each time I took out my little New Testament every morning as I dressed and when I took it out during the day to read the scriptures.  They calmed my spirit, reminding me that He was with me and was personally involved with my life.

The "caring" of Jesus is not a distant sympathy.  He cares for me as one of His own.  He has the power to change circumstances and people.  (I've also found that there are times when the person most in need of changing is me.)  We can trust Him to bring about His best for us.

Regardless of your circumstances, He cares about you more than anyone else!  Cast all your cares into His capable and loving hands.

?000 Eutychus, The Webservant,

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