NOTE:  Services to third party providers (domain registration and web hosting) must be paid by check in advance.  Online payment to Eutychus is not currently offered in order to keep your costs as low as possible.

Prices below are subject to change without prior notice.  However, if you are already a client of Eutychus, no price increase will affect your account while the term of your current arrangement is in effect (1 year after the start of services).


My primary objective is to provide low cost assistance to Southern Baptist Evangelists in web design and other PC related programs.  The One-Price package can be customized for your requirements.  With Eutychus, you get personal attention from one professional dedicated to your account.

Service really is the purpose of Eutychus:  If you are developing your own site, but are new to FrontPage, there is no charge for answering Basic questions about FrontPage 2000 use.  I will also be happy to talk you through domain registration and recommend web hosting if you wish to do that yourself. (Answers to some questions may be found here.)

Eutychus is not a 24/7 service but domain and web hosting providers are.  In other words, your site will be online all the time, except for unforeseen, rare server problems.  
NOTE: Eutychus does Not set up online shopping (e-commerce) sites.

FrontPage Web Design & Publishing

Compare my prices with $50 - $75/hour per web page (extra for graphics), advertised by many web designers.  (All prices on this page are USA dollars.)

I offer a flexible service to Southern Baptist churches *, and Southern Baptist organizations ** with limited resources or experience.  If you desire a quality presence on the web, I can assist you with the entire process or just the area you need help.  There are some fees, however, that you may have to pay ($70 to $270) for domain registration and web hosting) to third party providers.  I can handle those payments and setups if paid in advance.  
Contact for more information.

Special Additional Services

Edit and convert sermons recorded on Mini-Disc to RealAudio format for $15.00 each.   Audio cassette sermons can be converted for $20.00 each.

Set up automated email mailing lists for text newsletters - visitors can sign up on your web site, all you need to do is provide the content for mail outs. $10.00

Scanned images of photos at $5.00 each (beyond the first four for free) - you supply prepaid return envelope.
No extra charge to post images that you provide via email.

Convert most Microsoft Office documents into PDF format for posting on your site: $10.00 per document.

Note: Obtaining permission to use Copyrighted material that you provide is your responsibility.

Please read the following carefully:

Basic One-Price Service: ($35 per month/$420.00 per year)

  • Set up email addresses for your domain name (10 mailboxes with aliases and auto-responder, additional accounts for a nominal fee.

  • Set up your FrontPage 2000 web site.  Special FrontPage components at no extra charge (hit counters, scrolling marquees, hover buttons similar to those on this site...)  Frames navigation, site Search, and/or Site map, if desired.  Graphics you supply will be added and ones that I provide.

  • Your web site registered with four or more search engines (Yahoo, HotBot, Lycos, GoTo, etc.) when it is completed.

  • Weekly updates made to your "home page" and other linked pages from text that you provide in notepad, Microsoft Word, or RTF format.  Any graphics that you provide will be added at no additional charge.  Up to four pictures scanned free that you provide with self-address envelope, if return is desired.

$420.00 for Entire One-Price Service package for 1 year.

The fee can be paid in monthly installments of $35 or all $420.00 up front, but your intention must be made known before work begins.

Additional services to be paid in advance:

  • Secure & Register a domain name for you - good for 2 years: $70.00,

  • Make arrangements to host your site with *** 50 MB or more total space - good for one year: $100.00

  • Logo design is also available.

If interested, Contact for more information.

I can perform all or part of the services listed above for you.  I can make recommendations or follow your instructions.  Contact for a custom package to meet your needs.

If at any time you are dissatisfied with the services of Eutychus, you will be refunded the prorated portion remaining on your term - except for fees Eutychus paid to other Internet services (Domain registration and Web Hosting).  You retain ownership of those services and Eutychus will provide any information necessary for you to pass control to the person or Web Host you designate.

See "Free Stuff" if you want to do it all yourself but need advice on what is required to get from here to there.

See also - Eutychus' Portfolio for a few examples of customized solutions.

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* If your church teaches the eternal Deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His resurrection from the dead, the reliability of the Holy Bible, and that salvation of the soul from eternal separation and punishment is available only by God's grace through Jesus' payment of our sin, then we are fellow laborers in Him.  If you can agree with the contents of the link at the end of this sentence, then I would be delighted to be your web assistant: Can you agree with this?  BACK

** I heartily endorse agencies who work to help the aged, handicapped, or anyone needing assistance and those organizations funding research and treatment of birth defects and diseases.  However, I cannot in good conscience assist in the promotion of "pro-choice", homosexual, Satanist, white supremacy, "New Age", or similar causes that violate my understanding of the nature and commands of God.  BACK

*** What can you do with 50 MB?  HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), like the page you are viewing now, does not use much file space compared to word processing files.  There are also techniques for minimizing file size for pictures (GIF and JPG).  As an example, I created a personal site a couple of years ago on Geocities, which allows up to 15 MB free.  My site contains 212 files - 2 EXE programs, 2 Java programs, 32 JPG & 27 GIF pictures, a whopping 148 HTML pages, plus a few support files.  The total file size is less than 3.9 MB.  However, video and audio files can gobble huge chunks of space.  A 30 minute RealAudio file will be about 4MB when saved in its simplest format.  BACK

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